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3 Common High-heat Resistant Rubber Materials Manufacturers Use

It is common knowledge that excessive heat can affect the elasticity of rubber negatively. It may get stretched and not fit the purpose of use. Regular heating can thus degrade the quality of rubber and make it useless in the end. However, rubber manufacturers in India can help you in this matter. There are a few variants that are best suited for extreme temperature cases.

You can’t use natural rubber in high temperatures like above 85-degree centigrade. However, manufacturers can use some synthetic forms of rubber with unique rubber antioxidants in India can be used at such high temperatures.

They’re chemically composed in such a way that they are prone to temperatures above 300-degree centigrade.

Based on the type of application where you would need rubber to be highly heat-resistant, you can opt for these particular 3 variants.


The type of compounds used to produce silicone is that these rubber variants can withstand temperatures up to 305 degrees centigrade! However, manufacturers don’t prefer using silicone for standard cases because it’s not very hard and can tear anytime. If there’s a need for an application with high temperature, then opting for silicone is a wise decision. Among the different silicone compounds, fluoro silicone is the one variants that are stable and are commonly used for factory pieces of machinery that operate at a very high temperature.

CSM (Hypalon)

This variant of rubber is excellent in case of dry heat. This variant is popular within the construction industry because of its ability to resist UV rays and corrosive chemicals even on continuous exposure. In the construction industry, it is used for roofing membranes, liners and the making of water reservoirs. Moreover, this variant is also oil and flame resistant. Hence there’s little chance of getting damaged and significantly less maintenance cost compared to silicone.

EPDM (ethylene-propylene-diene monomer)

This is also an extremely durable and flexible rubber variant and a common variant of synthetic rubber used in the construction and automotive industry. It is an excellent heat resistant variant and is highly durable towards any abrasion and compression. Hence construction engineers prefer using this variant of rubber for doors and window seals, and electrical gaskets.

If you’re confused about the type of heat resistant rubber that would suit your purpose, companies like Merchem Limited can help you in such matters. They’ve been in the industry for many years and are experts in rubber chemical manufacturing.