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3 Useful Features of Silicone Rubber Loved by Rubber Chemical Manufacturers

Silicone rubbers unlike the other forms of rubber have great resistance power to any kind of extreme temperature. Hence, undoubtedly it’s one of the favourite types of rubbers that are used by rubber chemical manufacturers. Considering that you’re a novice in matters of identifying rubbers, you might have seen silicon thousand times in your house. Yes, the rubbers used in the window panes are in reality silicone rubbers.

In addition to the elasticity, tear strength and compression quality, silicone is a popular choice among all rubber chemical manufacturers in India. Next time, if you get confused with the type of rubber that you should select for any manufacturing purpose, remember the benefits that you’re reading about silicone.

Benefits of Silicone rubber

Highly resistant to extreme temperature conditions

A well-known benefit of silicone is its ability to adjust to extreme temperature conditions. Irrespective of the exposure that you give to silicone products, they will have the same level of elasticity intact. Silicones can easily withstand UV rays, excess heat, excess cold and even retain the same elasticity after being passed through fire. Thus, for external electrical equipment, this form of rubber is most essential to be used.

It has a small compression set

Another feature that makes silicone a hot favourite of rubber chemical manufacturers is its compression quality. It’s a wondrous benefit. If you compress silicone rubber for a while after some time you’ll find it back in its original state. Hence using silicone is beneficial as the form of the rubber does not change. That’s the reason, you might find silicone majorly used in the doors and windows to compress the same and make the door tight. Once you close the door the rubber compresses and the door gets locked. Again if you open the door, the rubber releases and the door gets loose.

Highly resistant to all types of weather

If you’re wondering why silicone is preferred by the majority of rubber chemical manufacturers in India, then be assured that this is the most flexible form of rubber. So, whether you want to install the same places where there is snowfall or high rainfall, then silicone is your hassle-free option. Its flexibility allows the rubber to be acquainted with any type of situation.

Merchem Limited has been producing and processing rubber since 1981 and the experts in this company believe in using silicone rubber as a part of their manufacturing process because of the beneficial factors present in the rubber.