Antidegradants (Speciality Product)

After the takeover of Merchem Limited,  Acmechem group is now offering the widest range of Rubber Chemicals including Specialties. However as of today, we will have the technical expertise on two speciality Antidegradants (ADPA & DTPD) from the Acmechem range. They have a niche application but are very crucial ingredients in the final product. There is a constrained availability worldwide of these products however Acmechem continues to serve these two products to their customers including some global accounts.


ACMENOX BL (ADPA) – A Condensation product of Acetone & Diphenylamine.

It gives a good protection against oxidative heat ageing & Anti-flex cracking. Besides that, it also has an additional advantage during processing of rubber compounds.

  1. This being a liquid antioxidant, it reduces compound viscosity & improves the tack.
  2. There is less heat built up during compound mixing hence it improves scorch safety.
  3. During Extrusion & Calendaring, it reduces die swell, has a better control on dimensions and a good surface finish. It avoids porousity in extrusion.
  4. During Compound Friction, it has better anchoring /penetration into fabric/cord or wetting of steel cord or wire leading to better adhesion in Rubber Composite.

Further it gives advantage over TMQ Antioxidant in some applications.

There is no amine effect similar to TMQ hence no possibility of conversion of insoluble Sulphur during storage of green compound. Subsequently there is no possibility of Sulphur blooming thus not impairing the compound tack thereby maintaining the tack over long storage of compound.


  • Bonding compounds for rubber composite I.e. Tires, Conveyor & Transmission Belting, Hoses etc. with fabric/cord, steel cord/wire.
  • Hot retreading compounds for OTR & Tractor Tires – Shelf life of minimum 6 months.
  • Cushion gum compound – Shelf life minimum 6 months

For better handing it is also available in powder form with Silica or C-Black as carrier.


ACMENOX A-100 (DTPD): Mixture of diaryl- p- phenylene – diamines

It gives good & long-lasting antioxidant & anti-ozonant effect as it migrates very slowly to the surface. It has a limited solubility in Rubber and hence the dosage is maximum 0.7 pbw.

It is used as secondary Anti-ozonant along with 6PPD. It starts migrating slowly after 6 PPD starts getting consumed, offering extended/long term protection.


  • Agricultural semi pneumatic tyres
  • Motor/Engine mounts
  • Special auto parts of NBR/EPDM warranting extreme conditions and long life

It further Inhibits flex cracking. It is used in articles exposed to repeated flex cycles and hence expected to last long. It is highly suitable in Polychloropren compounds

Applications: Bridge bearing pads, Fire resistant conveyor belting, Rubber Springs, Use in dock fenders which are expected to last 20 – 25 years.