Rubber Chemical Suppliers

Choosing Rubber Compound For An Application Is Now Easy

If you want to improve the characteristics of rubber or alter it for a specific application, you need rubber chemicals. Choosing the right rubber chemical according to the product’s application is very important. Instead of choosing any random supplier, look for one with years of experience in manufacturing compounds that fulfils customers’ satisfaction.

Some rubber chemical suppliers even use in-house computer-controlled automated mixing systems. Choosing the right rubber chemical will become easier if you know more about its characteristics. Since natural rubber has good dynamic properties, they are ideal for some applications. To make other rubber products, you have to mix rubber chemicals with natural rubber.

2 Common Applications Of Rubber Chemicals

  • Automotive Industry

Since most automotive applications have petrol and oil, you have to use a metal cap to protect natural rubber or use rubber chemicals. One of the biggest challenges faced in the automobile industry is that automotive assemblies are specially designed to operate at high temperatures. Natural rubber can’t be used under high temperatures so you need rubber chemicals.

  • Marine Industry

Two common types of rubber chemicals generally used for submerged marine applications are neoprene and chloroprene. The compound has good resistance to saltwater. You can also use natural rubber if there is a lower salt spray level. You will need additional spray protection with a sealed or cover unit. In the marine industry, you should use the correct components for protection against various sea conditions.

Avoid Building Up Heat

One of the most vital things you should consider when selecting rubber chemicals is heat build-up. It is quite common due to high-frequency dynamic loading. Molecular friction can make rubber heat until rubber or the metal to rubber bond fails. Get in touch with a reputable rubber supplier like Merchem Limited and choose rubber chemicals with low dynamic stiffness and high rubber volume.