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How is Rubber to Metal Bonding Beneficial?

Rubber to metal bonding is the process of vulcanizing the rubber with chemicals. The most common substrates used for binding purposes are plastic, aluminium, steel and brass. The bonding process has a whole lot of advantages. When rubber is bonded with metal, the components of rubber change and make it stronger. This is a mechanical process where the metal is inserted into the rubber during the moulding process. This is done since it plays a crucial role in a wide number of applications. The rubber chemical suppliers focus on using the right kind of metal for the bonding process.

Benefits of rubber-metal bonding

Low component requirement for assembly

Rubber metal bonding is a natural process. The rubber is directly bonded with substrates; hence the process requires very few components. Moreover, the process is less hectic and less time-consuming. Thus, compared to other bonding processes, rubber-metal bonding is an easier one.

Environmentally sustainable option

Most of the other bonding agents contain lead which is harmful to human beings and the environment. However, rubber to metal bonding is an environmentally sustainable option. Rubber is a chemical-free substance and hence doesn’t harm anyone.

Provisions for custom bonding

Rubber metal bonding is used successfully in medical devices like blood testing machines. The customization option has helped the same in manufacturing these tools and products.

Resistance to different elements

Rubber metal bonded products are resistant to earthy elements like water, corrosion, heat, salt, and dust. Hence using such products for industrial purposes is a valid option because it helps the industries to use the products safely.

Apart from the stated factors, both natural rubber and rubber blends are also amenable to rubber-metal bonding. Even under every kind of temperature, the rubber and metal bonding works.

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This variant of Rubber is used in the medical industry and used in different other industries as well. They are highly resistant to heat and can handle high temperatures as high as 2500 degrees centigrade. Moreover, they have low permeability and water absorption features. They also have good aging characteristics. However, they can’t be used all the time because of the cost. 

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