Rubber Chemicals

How is Rubber used in Pharma Manufacturing Companies?

Packaging in the pharma industry needs utmost care as most medicines are packaged in a protective cover so that the quality of the same is not altered. Rubber is used for effectively packaging the medicines. Plastic is considered to be harmful by every pharmaceutical company. However, not all types of plastics are harmful. However, it is not an option for the packaging of medicines in the pharma industry. 

The safest option for packaging medicines is to use rubber chemicals in India. Whether it’s the syrups, capsules, or gels, every medicine needs a rubber coating on them. This is like a protective covering that safeguards the medicinal value of the same. Since the medicines are sometimes consumed directly with the covering, the chemicals used in the Rubber must be of the safest quality. 

The plastic or the Rubber, whichever coating is used for the medicines, are put through rigorous testing methods to ensure that they are harmless and resistant to breakage. 

Important properties of Rubber used in Pharma industry

The type of Rubber which is used in the pharma industry should contain the following features:

  • They should be durable and resistant to breakage.
  • They must be temperature resistant and must be resistant to heat.
  • They must be light-weighted and easy to handle so that they can mold into any shape.
  • They must be non-reactive and must not react with any chemical present in the medicine. 
  • They must be safe and chemically well-suited for all types of medicines. 

Popular rubber types for the pharmaceutical industry

Butyl rubber

This Rubber variant is a copolymer of isobutylene with 1 to 3 % isoprene present in the same. It is a cheaper variant of Rubber. Since it has high water absorption power, it is used effectively in the medical industry manufacturing process. However, this variant is not oil resistant and does not get dissolved easily. This variant is thus not a favourable option for edible medicines. 


This variant is chloroprene rubbers and are the polymers of 1:4 chloroprene. This variant of Rubber has high heat resistance quality and less air and water vapour permeable. Thus, they are a good choice for edible medicines. 

Silicone rubber

This variant of Rubber is used in the medical industry and used in different other industries as well. They are highly resistant to heat and can handle high temperatures as high as 2500 degrees centigrade. Moreover, they have low permeability and water absorption features. They also have good aging characteristics. However, they can’t be used all the time because of the cost. 

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