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Importance and Use of Silicone Rubber

Silicone rubber is one of the most important types of rubber that is used. The physical properties of rubber are different from that of polymers. This kind of rubber chemical can either melt or get decomposed. However, some of the other features of this kind of material are that it sticks together and bonds together.

Thus many manufacturers prefer using silicone along with normal rubber for the process of production. However, silicone rubbers are costlier compared to normal rubbers. The value of silicone rubber lies in the fact that it requires a lot of hard work to manufacture. Hence the manufacturing cost is also included in the same.

What are the uses of silicone rubber?

This rubber is commonly used to produce parts in the automobile industry, cooking, baking, and sportswear industry and electronics products. Among all the rubber and their properties, silicone is considered the most valuable one for its expected features. Unlike others, it is a good conductor of electricity, with great resistance to fire and the ability to get elongated. Here are a few uses of silicone that are commonly followed in different industrial segments.

Construction industry

Since it has a good binding capacity, hence it is used for making building materials. This is a useful option for binding construction materials like concrete, plastic, glass, and metal together. Irrespective of pollution, moisture or corrosion, you can expect durability of the parts together if you’ve used silicone rubber as your option.

Electronics industry

Similarly, the electronics industry also focuses on using this material to fix the parts together. Especially the inner circuits are sealed with the help of this adhesive. Hence there will no chance of short circuits because of the same.

Aviation sector

In the aviation sector, silicone is majorly used for fixing the windows, doors, tanks and vent ducts of the planes. Since it is a heat resistant rubber, hence it reduces the probability of mishaps during flights.

Healthcare industry

Silicone is resistant to bacteria. This makes it more valuable for the health industry. The majority of the health industry manufacturers uses this for making prosthetics, infant care products, and other medical articles of important use. This helps them to keep the products free from bacteria as well.

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