Rubber chemicals

Major Rubber Chemicals used for Processing and Manufacturing of Rubber

The rubber industry uses a large variety of rubber chemicals with different structures for rubber processing. Some of the common rubber chemicals that the companies use are Dimethylamine, Zinc Oxide, Styrenated phenol, Zinc stearate and Stearic acid. These five chemicals are used for the processing and manufacturing of rubber in different ways. Read on to know more about these rubber chemicals.


This chemical is commonly used in synthetic rubber processing. The use of this chemical is highly crucial because it ensures superior performance and high quality of the synthetic rubbers that are used for production. The use of Dimethylamine helps in reducing the use of ammonia in the rubber production industry. Among the different products, vulcanization accelerators are produced using this chemical.

Zinc oxide

Zinc oxide is the most common form of rubber chemical that is used in the tyre industry. Huge metric tons of Zinc oxide are required daily for tyre production. It is a very useful chemical as the same protect the tyres from fungus exposure and UV lights.

Stearic acid

Stearic acid-like Dimethylamine is useful for vulcanization accelerators. This is a source of fatty acid that is widely used as an emulsifying agent. The acid has an anti-sticking quality which makes the same ideal for use in the rubber industry.

Styrenated Phenol

This is a clear, viscous form of liquid used as a stabilizer for treating dry rubber. Different industries manufacturing rubber sheets, surgical gloves, belts, feeding bottle nipples, and other latex dipped products use this chemical to control to treat dry rubber.

Zinc stearate

This chemical is used as an activator of rubber vulcanization. Along with sulfur and another form of accelerators, this chemical is widely used in the rubber industry. It is very light in weight and can be easily transported in large quantities. The major purpose of using this chemical is to make a coating on the rubber and prevent the moisture from catching in.

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