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Prevent Rubber Degradation With Quality Rubber Chemicals

Rubber is a malleable, durable and long-lasting material. But with time, it is bound to undergo degradation and damage. This is due to common environmental factors like ozone, heat and light. The experts can rectify it using agents bought from the rubber chemical supplier. 

What is Rubber Deterioration?

Elastomers undergo rubber degradation, one of the most common causes being exposure to external conditions. It brings molecular changes and impacts the mechanical properties.  Thermal ageing of rubber increases from stress and reactive gases. It results in cracks, colour fading, charring etc. However, adding antioxidants, antiozonates, UV stabilizers prevent these issues.    


The experts add antioxidants to rubber formulation to scavenge the free radicals and slow down rubber’s breakdown. You can classify antioxidants as staining and non-staining. It effectively blocks ozone from attacking the rubber. Waxes are used, which repairs the rubber surface and create a barrier to prevent ozone attack. It creates a highly protected rubber compound for various applications. 


Sulfur peroxide cures rubber during vulcanization. Sulfur is common in EPDM,  NBR, and NR compounds. The experts use peroxide in high consistency silicone compounds. If these cures are not sufficiently used up, they migrate to the surface of the cured part. 


Lubricants migrate to the surface and reduce friction. Sometimes, the experts add silicone oil to NBR and EPDM components for the same purpose. The oily and wet feeling on the surface makes it function effectively.

The experts coat rubber parts with a liquid to provide lubrication. This is done so you can squeeze rubber into tight areas. It difficult to install or remove rubber because of the slip resistance properties. Hence, successful assembling is tricky without lubricants. This is why the experts add lubrication before the assembling process.  

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