Rubber Antioxidants India

What are The Different Types of Chemicals Used for Rubber Manufacturing?

The rubber industry utilises a range of rubber chemicals depending on their structure and utility. Be it natural or synthetic rubber; these chemicals strengthen their property to make durable, finished goods. Manufacturers use rubber antioxidants in India while manufacturing rubber products like tyres, hoses, footwear, moulded compounds etc. Hence they are highly reliable in determining the rubber specifications. 

Types of Rubber Chemicals 

You can divide these chemicals into categories based on the various product segments. It includes anti-degradants, accelerators, flame retardants, processing aids, promoters etc. 

Anti Degradants 

The experts mix anti degradants with natural rubber during the process of vulcanisation. It strives to improve its quality to get better end products. The anti degradants improve the tensile strength of rubber and increase its heat resistance property. It deters rubber from ageing and improves the product life.  Hence, you can find this crucial chemical in every rubber manufacturing industry. 

Rubber Antioxidants 

It is necessary to protect vulcanised rubber from the impact of external conditions. Without this, the rubber will start ageing and show a hamper in performance. Various factors are responsible for lowering the quality of rubber. It includes oxygen exposure, heat, UV rays, mechanical stress,  etc. 

Depending on the application of rubber, you should choose the correct antioxidant. You must consider the polymer or elastomer of the rubber before using the chemical. All this guarantees optimal performance and increases the product lifespan. 

Flame Retardants 

The experts apply flame retardants to prevent the rubber from flaming up in high heat conditions. Additionally, the chemical prevents the rubber from damage due to moisture, heat and dust. The manufacturers apply this chemical during the following stages- 

  • pre-vulcanisation and inhibition
  • post vulcanisation stabilisation
  • latex-based applications

All this keeps the rubber intact and long-lasting.

Other chemicals which the experts use for rubber manufacturing are as follows –

  • Stearic acid
  • Dimethylamine
  • Styrenated phenol
  • Zinc oxide
  • Zinc stearate

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